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Why Haleema Travel?

Best Hotels

Providing the best hotel in the vicinity of Masjid e Haram.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We promise to provide you the cheapest fare in town.

Local Guide Services

We provide you an interpreter for the better acknowledgement of ziyraat.


    • 5 star review  One of the easiest transactions I have done, phoned up spoke to an agent and he managed to not only beat the price I had but also found better times and airlines Will be using them again for sure

      thumb Asif Sultan

      5 star review  I have just returned from an amazing Umrah experience with my children. The trip was facilitated by Haleema Travels (Arsalan bhai and Khurram bhai) and the service provided was excellent. Great hotels in brilliant locations, transfers within Saudi catered for ( Tariq bhai in Saudi on point/ Zain and Imran). Thoroughly enjoyed being able to have a fab experience with complete peace of mind and ease. Would definitely recommend Haleema Travels without a shadow of doubt and InShaaAllah hope to travel with them again.

      thumb Shani Miah

      5 star review  Very friendly nd helpful customer service had good experience will use them again

      thumb o minhas
    • 5 star review  They will do what they promise for Hajj and Umrah services. Khurram is a good guy and very helpful. Happy to recommend.

      thumb asad maqsood

      5 star review  I wanted to thank you for arranging our trip so well. Our stay in Makkah and madinah was so relaxing and stress free and I owe this to you. Otherwise we have heard some horrible stories that how people are left on their own when they land there but i would recommend everyone who want to focus more on their ibadah and worry less about anything else that they should come and get their package from you. The flights/buses , hotels and the food everything was simply amazing!! We even got to check in early in the hotel which was definitely a plus. We didn’t face any problem in commuting or while staying there which enabled us to focus more on our Ibadah instead of worrying about other things. I pray that Allah increase your rizq and facilitate your ways for you , the way you have facilitated this trip for us ameen. Looking forward to come back to you again in near future إن شاء الله

      thumb Maira Sheikh

      5 star review  MashaAllah we had a brilliant Hajj experience with Haleema Travel, would highly recommend. Alhumdulillah the tour operators looked after us really well and were always available to help and give advice. May Allah reward them for all their organisation, planning and for the great service they provided!

      thumb Sadia Asad
    • 5 star review  They will do what they promise for Hajj and Umrah services. Khurram is a good guy and very helpful. Happy to recommend.

      thumb asad maqsood

      5 star review  I recently performed hajj along with my mother in 2019 with Haleema. Alhamdulillah I can say without a doubt the company sold the package with complete transparency and everything that was mentioned in the package was what we received. Having a Seminar before hand, receiving regular updates through WhatsApp broadcasts and the senior organiser being available for contact at anytime throughout the trip, resulted in us being prepared in the best possible way. The Hajj accessories included were also all of high quality and were put to excellent use. All in all, having a company as good as Haleema organising what was initially expected to be a little bit of a scary trip, made it into a smooth and exciting undertaking. The catered food was consistent, transport was handled with short waiting times, the whole journey was joined by a great group of people including both helpers and fellow pilgrims and above all, the process of Hajj and Umrah were facilitated in a way that made it a much easier undertaking than it may have been otherwise. A big thank you to Haleema Travels. The Hajj of Summer 2019 was truly an unforgettable experience.

      thumb Adnan Malik

      5 star review  It was my first time, and Alhamdolillah been with haleema Travels to made it my best experience, everything was spot on. I mean flights, transportation, hotels and the support out there was fantastic.

      thumb Imran Hussain

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    Haleema travel strives its best to work for the ease of Muslim community and helping them to become part of their religious rituals in most convenient way possible. Our Umrah travel agency works so as to assist Muslim brothers and sisters throughout their journey so that they can practice their rituals without any sort of hustle or bustle.

    With our enormous efforts, we have successfully spread our wings and now our services are no longer restricted to Muslims residing in the UK, rather people belonging from St. Albans, ST ALBANS, WATFORD, BEDFORD, MILTON KEYNES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND can also avail our services.

    No Muslim can deny to the importance of Umrah in their religion. No doubt, it is not mandatory to perform Umrah and it is not Farz, but still millions of Muslims strive their best to perform this ritual in Makkah. Umrah can be performed any time of the year and thus our services are also available throughout the year to help the Muslims to avail the best facility.

    Our Umrah packages 2021, are designed by keeping in mind the background of the diverse group of people approaching us. There are different Umrah packages with varying prices and our clients can get a wide range of options to select the package as per their convenience so that by no means the face difficulty to get to their journey due to financial issues.

    Umrah can be done multiple times, however, the first journey to Makkah can be very much difficult for the people due to perceived anxiety. therefore, our Umrah travel agency considers the need of the people and provides services throughout the journey. So that proper guidance is provided to our each and every client and they don’t lag behind in any step. This can reduce the anxiety among people going to the Makkah for the very first time.

    Umrah package 2021, is a complete deal for the Muslim and it not only offers flight and hotel packages but visa and accommodation also. Thus you do not have to run here and there to get your visa. We take care of the documents and getting the visa becomes much easier for our clients.

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    Haleema Travel keeps on creating and updating their packages with respect to the need of the clients. With our cheap Umrah package, you can now avail hotel accommodation, fully air-conditioned transport, to and fro flight tickets and throughout a tour guide who will be there at every step to address your queries.

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    Umrah packages 2021, do not only cater individuals and families going to the Mecca for Umrah, but we have our special services for the people going with a group. Our company strives its best to make your journey trouble free and we provide small or large groups all the facilities including accommodation, visa, and flight tickets accordingly. We are providing our services to people willing to go with groups not only from the UK but ST ALBANS, WATFORD, BEDFORD, MILTON KEYNES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND also.

    Sometimes people with one reason or the other are not able to perform Umrah. In order to help those individual and their families and make their dream come true Haleema travel strives best to address such issue so that no one has to let go their dreams due to financial constraints or any sort of physical problem. We work to make everyone’s dream to perform Umrah come true.

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