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Why Haleema Travel?

Best Hotels

Providing the best hotel in the vicinity of Masjid e Haram.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We promise to provide you the cheapest fare in town.

Local Guide Services

We provide you an interpreter for the better acknowledgement of ziyraat.


    • 5 star review  I am very happy and pleased to have contacted Haleema Travel Limited. The representative was very polite, friendly and very clear when requesting passenger information. The ticket prices was very compatative and only second to 'some times dodgy' online deals. I will definitely recommend Haleema Travel Ltd to friends and family. Thanks and best wishes to all at Haleema Travel Ltd.

      thumb Mazar Sadaq

      5 star review  I couldn't have expected anything more. A very well run Hajj event and everything that was within the control of Khurram was managed very well. Will recommend Haleema Travels for its professionalism and peace of mind to the traveller.

      thumb Asad Safdar

      5 star review  Very friendly nd helpful customer service had good experience will use them again

      thumb o minhas
    • 5 star review  It was my first time, and Alhamdolillah been with haleema Travels to made it my best experience, everything was spot on. I mean flights, transportation, hotels and the support out there was fantastic.

      thumb Imran Hussain

      5 star review  Allhamdullilah great service. Everything was arranged for us from visas, flights, good hotels, transport, the drivers were very good and helpful. InshaAllah if we are able to go again, we will definitely use them.

      thumb Nasreen Megjhi

      5 star review  well organised and top notch service provided by the brother!! brother was very informative and kept me up to date any assistance required was fully provided from taxis to food places , he also explained rates to pay whether it was a taxi fare food etc brother tariq had a heart of gold he was more than helpful prompt and reliable!! brother has a great deal of knowledge and was always there to advise you !

      thumb Aqueel Bashir
    • 5 star review  Haleema travel, as promised offered a reliable service. Kuram has always been approachable. The period of Haj is always going to be a hectic affair, bearing this in mind they did an outstanding job. Thankyou Haleema travel!. Rahem Badshah

      thumb Mr badshah

      5 star review  Would highly recommend Haleema travels for anyone considering Hajj or Umrah. Absolutely fantastic service, going beyond what was expected. Went on Hajj this year (2019) and had no issues whatsoever allowing the group to solely focus on the purpose we were there for. The staff were extremely friendly and always around for help and advice. Food was first class and always available on time. We didnt have to wait more than 10/15mins for any transport service and the religious guides were excellent and always happy to go out of their way answering questions and giving advice. All in all excellent service and would definitely recommend.

      thumb Humza Asad

      5 star review  The Customer Service was fantastic and great. The price was good, really honest price. Highly recommended...

      thumb ASHFAQ AHMED

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    Haleema Travel & Tours

    Haleema Travel – Umrah travel agency enables Muslims to avail the best Umrah facility all across the world. With our Umrah packages 2021, you can get the best flight and hotel packages at very cheap prices.

    Haleema travel is one of the renowned travel agency giving services to million of Muslim brothers and sisters. We have successfully acquired the trust of many Muslim who have availed our services and had a very pleasant experience. Umrah packages 2021 are available in 5 star, 4 star and 3-star packages. You can book any of the packages with respect to your need and convenience.

    Haleema travel strives its best to work for the ease of Muslim community and helping them to become part of their religious rituals in most convenient way possible. Our Umrah travel agency works so as to assist Muslim brothers and sisters throughout their journey so that they can practice their rituals without any sort of hustle or bustle.

    With our enormous efforts, we have successfully spread our wings and now our services are no longer restricted to Muslims residing in the UK, rather people belonging from St. Albans, ST ALBANS, WATFORD, BEDFORD, MILTON KEYNES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND can also avail our services.

    No Muslim can deny to the importance of Umrah in their religion. No doubt, it is not mandatory to perform Umrah and it is not Farz, but still millions of Muslims strive their best to perform this ritual in Makkah. Umrah can be performed any time of the year and thus our services are also available throughout the year to help the Muslims to avail the best facility.

    Our Umrah packages 2021, are designed by keeping in mind the background of the diverse group of people approaching us. There are different Umrah packages with varying prices and our clients can get a wide range of options to select the package as per their convenience so that by no means the face difficulty to get to their journey due to financial issues.

    Umrah can be done multiple times, however, the first journey to Makkah can be very much difficult for the people due to perceived anxiety. therefore, our Umrah travel agency considers the need of the people and provides services throughout the journey. So that proper guidance is provided to our each and every client and they don’t lag behind in any step. This can reduce the anxiety among people going to the Makkah for the very first time.

    Umrah package 2021, is a complete deal for the Muslim and it not only offers flight and hotel packages but visa and accommodation also. Thus you do not have to run here and there to get your visa. We take care of the documents and getting the visa becomes much easier for our clients.

    Upon depending on the Umrah package, Muslims can extend their stay in Makkah and enjoy their whole journey very comfortably.

    Haleema Travel keeps on creating and updating their packages with respect to the need of the clients. With our cheap Umrah package, you can now avail hotel accommodation, fully air-conditioned transport, to and fro flight tickets and throughout a tour guide who will be there at every step to address your queries.

    You can now book your flight tickets from the UK, St. Albans, ST ALBANS, WATFORD, BEDFORD, MILTON KEYNES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND with cheapest rates. In order to avail the cheapest rates, it is lucrative to book your package beforehand.

    Our experienced staff will enable you to select the best package, hotel, and airline which will ensure that your sacred journey is made pleasant.

    Our cheap Umrah packages enable the clients to avail 5-star hotel accommodation in the holy cities of Mecca. Special services are provided for the people with special needs such as senior citizens, children, disabled people etc. and they are taken care very carefully. With haleema travel, based on your requirements you get the facility to book tickets for yourself of the entire package

    Umrah packages 2021, do not only cater individuals and families going to the Mecca for Umrah, but we have our special services for the people going with a group. Our company strives its best to make your journey trouble free and we provide small or large groups all the facilities including accommodation, visa, and flight tickets accordingly. We are providing our services to people willing to go with groups not only from the UK but ST ALBANS, WATFORD, BEDFORD, MILTON KEYNES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND also.

    Sometimes people with one reason or the other are not able to perform Umrah. In order to help those individual and their families and make their dream come true Haleema travel strives best to address such issue so that no one has to let go their dreams due to financial constraints or any sort of physical problem. We work to make everyone’s dream to perform Umrah come true.

    Now, you do not need to worry about visa, flight tickets, accommodation or the travel anxiety. We have our services to help you manage all this. Our highly experienced and dedicated workers can arrange all these facilities for you and your family so that you can fulfill your dream.

    Haleema travel is one of the best travel agency which has built its trust among millions of people belonging from the diverse nation. With our excellent service with try to bring the best quality to our clients at the cheapest rates.

    You can now book your tour and avail the best package available to make your dream come true. In the case of any query, you can contact us also. We promise to make your journey memorable and trouble free!