Madinah Munawarrah (the Enlighted city) is the second Holiest city after Makkah. Madinah is 210 miles (340 km) north of Makkah. It is about 120 miles (190 km) from the Red Sea coast. It is situated in the most fertile part of all the Hejaz territory. The streams of the vicinity tending to converge in the locality of city. Madinah is fertile region, most of its streets are covered with beautiful date trees. There are also many date farms in the Holy city where you can find world’s best dates.

Madinah has 95 names, including Taibah, Tabah, Qubbat Al-Islam, Al-Mu’mina, Al-Mubarakah, Al-Mukhtarah, Dar Al-Abrar, Dar Al-Sunnah, Dar Al-Akhyar, Dar Al-Fateh, Dhat Al-Hirar, Dhat Al-Nakhl, Al-Barrah and Al-Jaberah.

History of Madinah City:

The city was originally known as Yathrib. By the time the Prophet ﷺ had migrated there was a large Jewish presence around the city. About an year before the migration, the Prophet ﷺ had dispatched Mus’ab-bin-Umair (R.A) on a mission to propagate Islam (Tableegh) to the people of Yathrib. Many of the Ansar became Muslims at his hand. The city gave refuge to the Prophet ﷺ and the early Muslims upon their migration. After migration Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ change the name of the city from Yathrib to Madinah Munawarah.


Madinah for Prophetﷺ :

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ built the first ever mosque of Islam that is Masjid Al Qubaa and Masjid Al Nabawi ﷺ in this city. Whenever the Prophet ﷺ returned from a journey and observed the walls of Madinah. He would make His mount go fast, and if He was on an animal (i.e. a horse), He would make it gallop because of His love for Taibah. After Holy Kabaah in Makkah, the Masjid Al Nabawi ﷺ is one of the most visited places of worship by Muslims. Madinah has the distinction of being a favourite city of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He called this city His home. The city is also considered to be eternally blessed by Muslims because Allah (S.W.T) chose its ground as the final resting place for the Prophet ﷺ.

Madinah is a trade city and also the hub of knowledge. It is also the center of scientific and Islamic education. These distinct characteristics makes it a city where cultures interact and fuse. Where people learn and share knowledge with each other and receive both temporal and spiritual enlightenment in the process.

To visit Prophet’s City is not a Hajj or Umrah rite. The main reason is unique merits of the city. Prophet ﷺ Mosque and His sacred tomb attract every pilgrim to visit it. There is neither Ihram nor talbiyah for the visit to the Prophet’s Mosque. It just needs a heart that filled with love and respect of Prophet ﷺ to enjoy beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Madinah. In golden hours the beauty of Madinah on its peak. If you make your mind to have a ride for sightseeing of the city so morning and evening are the best times to enjoy its natural beauty. If you plan for umrah and to visit Holy city of Madinah this December. Give a chance to Haleema Travels making your trip affordable and comfortable.