Kiswah – Beautiful Drape of Holy Kaabah

Kabaah is the Holiest place for the Muslims. Holy Kabaah always looks radiant and eye catching whether there is sunlight or nightlights of Masjid Al-Haram. Holy Kabaah looks more elegant and unique in its beautiful black covering which is adorn with the Quranic Verses. The black drape is the symbol of dignity and pride of [...]

Rukn Al-Yamani

Kabaah is the Holiest place for Muslims. Holy Kabaah is in square shape so it has four corners. Each of them have its own significance but two corners, Black Stone and Yamani Corner have more importance than others. Rukn al-Yamani is the southern west corner of Holy Kabaah. It is parallel to Black Stone corner. [...]

Virtues of Holy Quran in the Light of Hadith

Quran is the last Divine Book which revealed on Holy Prophet ﷺ. This Book is the vital source of information and counselling for Muslims. It is the ultimate collection of facts, figures and truths about mankind from Adam (A.S) till the Day of Judgement. There is no other book on the earth like Holy Quran. [...]

Benefits of Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas is short but very precise Surah in Quran Kareem. Surah Ikhlas is on 112th number in the 30th Chapter of Holy Quran. Surah Ikhlas has Four Ayahs, Fifteen words and Forty Seven letters. Revelation of Surah Ikhlas: Every surah in Quran Kareem has its own importance. But this surah is significance because it [...]

Rites of Hajj and Umrah – An overview

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. Muslims perform Hajj in the month of zil-hajj at the holy city of Makkah. It is mandatory for all Muslims once in their life time, who are financially stable and physically fit. On contrary Umrah is not mandatory it is Sunnah. Muslims can perform umrah in any month [...]