Kabaah is the Holiest place for the Muslims. Holy Kabaah always looks radiant and eye catching whether there is sunlight or nightlights of Masjid Al-Haram. Holy Kabaah looks more elegant and unique in its beautiful black covering which is adorn with the Quranic Verses. The black drape is the symbol of dignity and pride of Holy Kabaah; named “Kiswah”. Kiswah is an Arabic term for ‘Pall’ which means Fine Cloth.

History of Kiswah:

The tradition of covering Holy Kabaah with cloth was being followed since the time of Hazrat Ismail (A.S). Before Holy Prophet (PBUH) it was the responsibility of Quraish Tribe to install the Drape. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Khulafa-e-Rashideen ordered cover of Holy Kabaah from Yemen.

In Abbasi era, the emperors started to order Kiswah made with silk from Egypt and Yemen. Years had passed and multiple Caliphs ordered the cover in many colours like red, green and yellow. Finally, Caliph Mamun-ur-Rasheed decided to fix only Black colour for Kiswah, because continuous variation in colour of it disturbed the minds of pilgrims. Till now cover of Kabaah will replaced every year but its colour remains same. The first cover of Holy Kabaah made of black silk had gifted by Egypt and manufactured in Egypt till World War I. But due to uncertain conditions in war Egypt was unable to delivered Kiswah to Saudi Arabia. At that time King Ibn Saud decided to make Kiswah in Saudi Arabia and set a factory for its production in Makkah.

Manufacturing of Kiswah:

Today in Saudi Arabia more than 200 men have prepared the Kiswah with gold embroidery in the duration of eight month. Each Kiswah is made up of 670 kg of high quality silk imported from Italy and Switzerland and 150 kg of silver and gold plated thread which comes from Germany. Calligraphic art is used for the purpose of decoration of Kiswah. Many Quranic Verses especially related to Hajj, embroided on it with the help of gold plated threads.

Kiswah is wrapped around the Kabaah and its base is fixed with copper rings. Each year Kiswah is changed on the Day of Arafat. The old Kiswah will cut and distributed among dignitaries and religious organizations. To admire the beauty of Kiswah and to visit the Holy House, book your tickets for Hajj and Umrah with Haleema Travel and avail the best packages in the town.