Blessed are those who visit the Holy House of Kabaah. But luckiest are those who see the rain in the Holy Mosque. The view of Holy Kabaah looks breath taking in the rain. Rain water falling down from a gold water outlet, it is affixed on the roof of the Holy Kabaah. This water outlet is called Meezab or Meezab-e-Rahmah.

History of Meezab:

Previously Kabaah had no roof so there was no need of water outlet. When Quraish reconstructed the Holy Kabaah, they built the roof for the first time. So they also attached the down-pipe in the roof on the north-west wall of Holy Kabaah, because the slope of the roof is toward Hateem. The water outlet was made to protect the roof of Kabaah from stagnation of  rain water. In different eras, it was made by different materials like wood, copper, silver and gold.

In 1554 Sultan Sulaiman Al-Qanoni placed the sliver Meezab in Kabaah. Then in 1573 his son send the Gold plated Meezab from Constantinople (Istanbul). Finally, Meezab made with pure Gold was placed by Sultan Abdul Hameed in 1859.

Tasmiyah is written on the front part of Meezab-e-Rahmah. On both sides of the Meezab, there are sharp pointed spikes in upward direction so that birds do not gather around it. The length of the it is about 253 meters and the width is 26 cm. The portion which is inside the wall of Kabaah roof is 58 meters.

It is reported that our beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was supplicated under the water of falling from Meezab. To visit the Holy House is the dream of every Muslim. May ALLAH give us a chance to visit His Holy House and offer prayer in Hateem under the Meezab. Aameen. Haleema Travels offer you variety of packages for Hajj and Umrah. So book your tickets now, to avail our best packages in affordable price.