Ihram is scared state which is compulsory for the performance of Hajj and Umrah. The literal meaning of Ihram is Haram or make forbidden. Pilgrim must stay away from all Haram and some Halal things as well in the state of Ihram. The reason for prohibiting certain Halal things is to cut off your ties from the worldly attractions and focus your attention completely towards ALLAH (S.W.T).  If you will do anything which is prohibited in the state of Ihram you have to pay a penalty for that offence. The penalty is from paying a certain amount to scarifying a sheep or camel or doing your Umrah again it depends upon the seriousness of offence. This article will help you to being aware of the obligations of Ihram on Hajj or Umrah.

  1. For men to wear sewn cloths.
  2. To wear a cap, to tie a turban or handkerchief on the head.
  3. For men to place a bundle of clothes on to the head. (Islamic sisters should cover their hair with shawl)
  4. For men to wear gloves.
  5. For men to wear such socks or shoes that hides the instep. (i.e. the raised middle part of the foot)
  6. Trimming one’s nails or having the nails trimmed by somebody else or trimming the nails of someone else.
  7. To apply fragrance or any other cosmetics to body, clothes or hairs.
  8. To eat pure fragrance i.e. Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Saffron etc. or tie these to your clothes. However if these items are cooked with other food, there is no harm in eating them even if fragrance is emanating from them.
  9. Dyeing hair with colour or henna.
  10. To apply fragrant or non-fragrant oil to the hair or the body.
  1. Cutting or trimming the hair of the head or the bread, shaving bodily hair or removing even a single hair from any part of the body.
  2. Shaving someone’s head whether he is in Ihram or not. (However, if the time of getting out of the restriction of Ihram has arrived, one can shave one’s own head as well as that of anyone else.)
  3. Closing of nostrils to avoid undesirable smells or odours.
  1. Making proposal of marriage, reciting Nikkah (Marriage contract), to be a witness and to justify it.
  2. To have sexual reunion with your spouse in the state of Ihram a penalty of scarifying a sheep will mandatory on you. It is also not permissible to kiss, touch, hug or looking with lust to your spouse.
  3. Pulling out teeth or drawing/ taking blood out of the body.
  4. Worldly conflicts and quarrels.
  5. Killing or throwing away a louse or signalling someone to kill it. Washing clothes or placing them in sunlight with the intention of killing the louse. Appling anti-lice medicine or shampoo to hair.
  6. Carrying weapons. Hunting in the forest or even assisting in hunting in anyway. Eating, buying and selling meat of the hunted animal are also Haram.
  7. Harming any other living things in anyway, not even insects (unless in the case of self-defence)
  8. Every indecent act and all types of sins were already Haram and have been more severally Haram in the state of Ihram.

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