Ramadan is the best month for Ibadah. In this month ALLAH (S.W.T) double His blessings and rewards for us. Breaking your fast in front of Holy Kabah or in Masjid-e-Nabwi is the best spiritual feelings you have ever experience. This is why many Muslims wish to perform Umrah in Ramadan.

Also, it is the best time of the year to gain the virtues equal to Hajj by performing Umrah. Our beloved Prophet said: “Umrah during Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj (i.e. in reward).” (Sunan Ibn-Majah: 2991, Jami At-Tirmidhi: 939). But keep in mind that Umrah cannot be replaced by Hajj. Umrah is equal to Hajj in the context of blessing. It will not discharge the duty of performing obligatory Hajj.

Umrah in Ramadan is the unforgettable experience of your life. At the time of Iftaar there is a huge arrangement to break your fast with your other Muslim fellows. It is an amazing experience to break your fast far away from your home with Muslim fellows around the world. You don’t know their language or culture but on the time when you sit next to any person, they are always very humble with you. This is the beauty of Islam that it makes Muslims one nation and promote harmony and brotherhood among Muslims.

At the time of Tarawhi Haramain looks elegant with the bright lights. A huge number of Muslims stand together to bow down and to ask forgiveness from ALLAH. The best time to spend in Haramain is from Asa’r till Fajar to experience the real essence of Ramadan. But if you are performing Umrah with kids so take rest or breaks according to their needs or take the turn with your spouse to perform your Ibadah.

The best time to perform Umrah in Ramadan is before Asa’r or after Tarawhi at those times Holy Kabaah is less crowded. In Ramadan number of Muslim presence in both Holy Mosques is almost equivalent to Hajj, so try to be humble and patient. Book your Umrah with Haleema Travel for this Ramadan to gain the countless blessing of ALLAH (S.W.T).