Sa’ee- An Integral Part of Umrah

Sa'ee is an Arabic word, its actual meaning is ‘to try’ and contextual meaning is ritual walking or formal procedure defines in pilgrimage.  Sa'ee is the obligatory (Wajib) part of umrah. Sa'ee is the sunnah of Hazrat Hajrah (A.S). When Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) left Hazrat Hajrah and her infant child Ibarhim (A.S) in the dry [...]

Tawaf – In light of Quran and Hadith

First look at the Holy Kabaah feels like it is the best place on the earth you can ever be. Beautiful sight of Holy Kabaah is breath taking. You experienced fear and love of ALLAH at the same time. In Umrah or Hajj when you reached near the Holy Kabaah you desperately want to merge [...]